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Developer Days

Thanks for coming along to Microsoft Dev Days! Here are the slides from my sessions. I'd love any feedback .



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Adam's .NET Naming Standards


XML Web Services in Visual Studio .NET
Web Services provide a rich set of components that communicate using standard Internet protocols and will become key building blocks for the next generation of both Microsoft Windows- or Web-based applications. See how to speed your development by plugging Web Services into your own application development projects.
Building .NET My Services with Visual Studio .NET
Learn how to write .NET My Services (formerly codenamed HailStorm) applications using Visual Studio .NET. Review the .NET My Services wsdl files and how to use Add Web Reference to generate and use a client proxy. See exactly what is going on under the covers to make this happen and see this demonstrated using the generated client code to build both a simple Windows Forms and ASP.NET application.
Create Windows Applications with Visual Studio .NET
Even with the migration to Web apps, robust Windows apps remain critical to your success. Learn how to take advantage of Visual Studio .NET support for Windows Forms to build more powerful Windows apps and even connect them to Web Services.
Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks
A fun fast-paced session about getting the most from the Visual Studio .NET IDE. The Visual Studio development environment is full of new features to make developers more productive. Learn the favourite tips and tricks that our own developers use in Visual Studio .NET. See examples of how third-party products can extend Visual Studio .NET. Learn how to take advantage of the free Web hosting feature. This session is 99.9% demo.