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Course resources for students

Welcome! This page will be updated with the latest course materials, as you progress through the sessions.

Part Session Hands-on Lab Slides Resources
A 1: SQL Server 2008 Management Studio 01_ManagementStudio_Lab.doc 01_ManagementStudio_v5.ppt  
  2: T-SQL Enhancements 02_TSQL_Enhancements.doc 02_TSQL_v6.ppt  
  3: High Availability 03_SQL2008_HighAvailability_Lab_v1-13.doc 03_SQL2008_HighAvailability.pptx
  4: CLR Integration 04_SQLCLR_Lab_v3-1.doc 04_SQLCLR_v4.ppt
  5: Full Text Search 05_FullTextSearch/05_SQLFullTextSearch_Lab_v2.docx 05_SQLFullTextSearch_v2.pptx  
B 1: SSIS and Creating a Data Warehouse 01_SSIS_Lab_v2.doc 01_SSIS_v2.ppt 01_DWCreateScript.sql
2: OLAP - Creating Cubes and Cube Issues 01_DWCreateScript.sql PopulateDW.zip
3: Reporting Services ReportingServices_Module2_Query1_v1.txt
4: Alternative Cube Browsers  
5: Data Mining Movie Sample