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Software development is risky. SSW has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 20 years. In this webinar Marlon Marescia will give you real world examples of projects that went well and projects that didn’t.

There will be lots of time for Q&A at the end

Webinar Objectives

You will learn:

  • The key questions to ask prospective software consultants
  • The best project management methodology for delivering cost effective software
  • How to manage software consultants
  • The #1 way to ensure your software project is successful
  • The pros and cons of fixed price and time and materials contracts
  • A warts and all case study of one of our clients. What was done right and what was done wrong by SSW and the client?

Webinar Details

Date: Thursday 25rd October
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: No Charge
Presenter: Marlon Marescia, SSW Sales Manager

or call Marlon on +61 2 9953 3000 .

Hiring Software Companies Webinar: