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It’s hardly possible to talk about SharePoint development anymore without a good dose of client side technologies getting tossed into the mix. Server side isn’t the only object model to consider; since SharePoint 2010 we have had a rich JavaScript object model (JSOM) to work with. Now SharePoint 2013 has brought even more JavaScript to the party via a technique called Client Side Rendering.

Nick Hadlee will introduce the Client Side Rendering (CSR) capabilities of SharePoint 2013 and show how they are changing the way that customisations need to be planned and opening up more possibilities for building rich solutions that make use of SharePoint’s UI.

SSW's very own Chief Architect Adam Cogan will be joining Nick Hadlee in this discussion, so don't miss out!

Webinar Objectives

This webinar will provide the attendee with:

  • An introduction to what Client Side Rendering is in SharePoint 2013
  • How to use Client Side Rendering to customize the rendering of fields and list views within SharePoint 2013
  • How to use Client Side Rendering to build richer SharePoint UI's

Who should attend?

Managers, decision makers, end users who want to know more about SharePoint from a business perspective to make a decision whether or not to implement SharePoint 2013 in their business.

THIS WEBINAR IS NOW CLOSED: You can, however, continue the conversation on the Sydney .NET User Group Meetup Page .

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday 29th May 2013
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: FREE
Presenters: Nick Hadlee - Senior SharePoint Consultant at Intergen
Adam Cogan - SSW Chief Architect and Microsoft Regional Director

SharePoint 2013: So what is Client Side Rendering?