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Clean, simple, fading wizard forms

Do you use fading wizard form?

SSW WizardForm provide a control to create your own wizard forms easily. The fading feature also gives a nice appearance of fading in and out.

Protected Overloads Overrides Sub OnLoad(ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
 rule37_contentPage01 = New rule37_contentPage01
 rule37_contentPage01.Title = "Rule38 Nice Fading Wizard Content Page 01"
 rule37_contentPage02 = New rule37_contentPage02
 rule37_contentPage02.Title = "Rule38 Nice Fading Wizard Content Page 02"
 rule37_contentPage03 = New rule37_contentPage03
 rule37_contentPage03.Title = "Rule38 Nice Fading Wizard Content Page 03"
 rule37_contentPage04 = New rule37_contentPage04
 rule37_contentPage04.Title = "Rule38 Nice Fading Wizard Content Page 04"
 rule37_contentPageFinish = New rule37_contentPageFinish
 rule37_contentPageFinish.Title = "Rule38 Nice Fading Wizard Content Page 05"
 rule37_contentPage01.NextForm = rule37_contentPage02
 rule37_contentPage02.PreviousForm = rule37_contentPage01
 rule37_contentPage02.NextForm = rule37_contentPage03
 rule37_contentPage03.PreviousForm = rule37_contentPage02
 rule37_contentPage03.NextForm = rule37_contentPage04
 rule37_contentPage04.PreviousForm = rule37_contentPage03
 rule37_contentPage04.NextForm = rule37_contentPageFinish
 rule37_contentPageFinish.PreviousForm = rule37_contentPage04
 Me.WizardHost.ActivePage = rule37_contentPage01
 m_smokeForm = New WizardSmokeForm
 Me.WizardHost.SmokeForm = m_smokeForm 'Use fading feature
End Sub