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If you unfortunately missed out on attending one of the .NET User Groups recent sessions, or if you simply cant get enough of its unique learning experience, you can access the sessions presentation materials by clicking on the links provided below.

September 2007

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Taking Your Application Design to the Next Level With Data Mining

Taking Your Application Design to the Next Level With Data Mining

Data mining as a technology is designed to analyze large volumes of data looking for patterns that accurately predict behavior. These patterns can then be used to derive knowledge about data, and in turn this knowledge can be used to enhance application designs and the user experience.

In this presentation, Peter Myers will present an overview of SQL Server 2005 Data Mining and will demonstrate how to develop data mining models that can be embedded into your applications. Demonstrations will be based on SQL Server 2005 Data Mining, using .NET Windows and web development.

This presentation is a must for any developer looking to embed “Artificial Intelligence?into their solution design to take their applications to the next level. It is guaranteed to thrill you with potential, and excite you with the ease in which it can be accomplished. Note that there is no requirement that attendees have any data mining background.

Peter Myers is a freelance BI practitioner, trainer and presenter. He has 11 years' experience working in OLTP database design and development, DBA support and Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence with SQL Server. Peter has a broad business background supported by a bachelor degree in applied economics, and he extends this with MCITP, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE and MCT certifications. Currently he provides mentoring and technical training locally and internationally, and focuses on delivering training for the SQL Server database engine, Integration Services (DTS), Analysis Services, Reporting Services, ASP.NET and .NET programming (C# and VB.NET).

Peter Myers

August 2007

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Office Communicator 2007
Microsoft unified communications technologies tear down the walls that separate telecommunications and computing. And they do it with software that leverages your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Microsoft unified communications technologies are more than just VoIP. They break down all the traditional communications silos. Voicemail and faxes move over the network like email. They arrive in your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 inbox where you can sort, prioritize, and forward them, just like any piece of email. And when you're on the road, you can dial in over any telephone to hear your emails and your calendars. You can even access your Microsoft Office Outlook directory and place calls from any telephone. Also hear about customising and extending the capabilities of the newly released Office Communicator 2007. The session will also cover the API solutions available to integrate Unified communications concepts into your line of business applications and business processes.
Johann Kruse

July 2007

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Next Generation Visual Studio Team System
Visual Studio Team System has given us the integration of development, project management, testing and analysis tool that was missing in the previous version of Visual Studio. In this talk you will learn about what’s coming up in the next version of Visual Studio Orcas, Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Rosario) and Team Foundation Server 2008. You will also see what’s currently hot on the Visual Studio widgets scene with a demo-driven session on the most useful tools for Visual Studio Team System.
Features covered include:
  • What’s coming in Visual Studio Orcas Beta 2
  • What’s new in Rosario and Team Foundation Server 2008
  • Hot widgets: Team Foundation Power Tools, MSSCCIs, Team Plain, Diff Dog, SSW Code Auditor, MS Build GUI and much more!
Adam Cogan

June 2007

Session Name Description Presenter Material
MSBuild/Team Build Presentation
William Bartholomew will take us through an introduction to MSBuild before stepping up a gear and embarking on a journey to uncover the delights of the Team Build. Learn how to create a Build Type and see how you can simplify the entire end-to-end build automation process.You will see how you can customize the build process including things such as: build preparation, fetching source code, build number generation and labeling, compilation as well as deploying to a drop location and logging your build.

To finish off, William will talk about extensibility and how you can write your own custom tasks.
William Bartholomew End to end build automation using Team Build
Domain Modelling
lang="en-au">When we design a solution, the architecture that we implement should act as a lever, allowing us to solve the increasingly complex problems we face with minimal effort. "Domain Modelling", the approach of designing applications by focussing on the natural needs of the problem domain, is one such lever; providing us with a solid, robust architecture that easily handles this ever-increasing complexity.

In this session, Paul Stovell will describe a number of common but advanced domain modelling patterns, and demonstrate how they can be applied practically in .NET.
Paul Stovell

May 200 7

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

The SharePoint Conference is coming to town between May 14 and 16 and anyone who is anyone is going to be there. The Sydney SharePoint User Group has joined with the Sydney .NET User Group, and managed to sneak in to the event to host the May User Group session.

The May .NET User Group meeting will be a Q & A session with Mike Fitzmaurice and Joel Oleson, both Microsoft Technical Product Managers for SharePoint Products and Technologies. You might remember Joel from his hugely popular User Group presentation last September. By all accounts, this promises to be another "standing room only" event.

Windows Powershell

Dave Glover will also be presenting Windows Powershell.

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and scripting language helps IT Professionals and Developers achieve greater productivity and automation and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server "Longhorn". The shell includes an interactive prompt and a scripting environment that can be used independently or in combination. Unlike most shells, which accept and return text, Windows PowerShell is built on top of the .NET common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework, and accepts and returns .NET objects. This fundamental change in the environment brings entirely new tools and methods to the management and configuration of Windows, systems and business solutions.

The session is very interactive, lots of demos including working with the new Office Open XML File Formats with PowerShell, very cool indeed!!

Mike Fitzmaurice
Joel Oleson

January 2007

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Up and Running with Expression Web Designer
Tristan Kurniawan is SSW Graphic Designer and the person responsible for the Web 2.0 look on SSW and other sites. He will begin by explaining how Microsoft’s latest offering can integrate Web design and development teams.

Then Tristan will show how to use Expression Web through each stage of a website design and share his tips on real-world web development and modern web standards. You will see how this is a tool for creating great CSS-based, standards-compliant Web sites.
Tristan Kurniawan
Microsoft Office Access 2007

Adam Cogan will cover Microsoft Office Access 2007 new and improved features which can help you:

  • Provide the ability to get you started quickly with prebuilt applications that can be modified or adapted to changing business needs .
  • Track and report information with ease.
  • Integrate Access 2007 with SharePoint .
  • Collect information through forms in email or import data from external applications.
Adam Cogan  

December 2006

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Amazon web services Amazon have recently unleashed a series of new web services which enable scalable computing, mass storage and an accessible human work force which allow small projects to use facilities previously only available to large companies at a fraction of the cost. Andrew Franklin will give a short presentation looking at some of the services offered by Amazon and will discuss implementation issues with practical examples. Andrew Franklin Amazon Web Services

November 2006

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Visual Studio for Database Professionals
(Data Dude)
Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals delivers a market- shifting database development product designed to manage database changes, improve software quality through database testing and bring the benefits of Visual Studio Team System and life cycle development to the database professional. Adam Cogan
Office 2007 & VSTO Second Edition VSTO Second Edition is a downloadable add-in for Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. This session will show how you can use VSTO SE to build Visual Basic and C# solutions that target Office 2007. You'll see how to build application level add-ins for Office applications, as well as how to customize new Office 2007 UI features such as the ribbon, the application Task Pane, Outlook form regions and more.    Robert Green  

October 2006

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Software as a Service - Catching the Long Tail
From small start-ups to large enterprises, software as a service (SaaS) is changing how software is designed, developed and consumed.  This session discusses the business drivers behind SaaS, and then looks at how these in turn drive the architecture of SaaS solutions as opposed to 'on-premise' software.   Along the way, we'll look at the technical issues that any current or prospective SaaS vendor will need to grapple with in order to successfully deliver software as a service.
Nigel Watson Software as a Service - Catching the Long Tail

September 2006

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Microsoft Atlas Introduction to Microsoft Atlas, including an overview of the framework, worked examples of the new client libraries as well as using the server side libraries to add ajax functionality to your ASP.NET existing applications. Tim Kremer Microsoft Atlas Part 1: The Microsoft Ajax Library
Simplify Content Management with DotNetNuke Overview of different ways of installing DotNetNuke, introducing key components of portal framework and Demonstration showing how to manage the content using built-in modules. Kusal Wijewantha Simplify Content Management with DotNetNuke aka DNN

July 2006

Session Name Description Presenter Material
Using Partitioned Tables with VLDB (Very Large Database) space Review of partitioned tables including how to create and use them, as well as how to keep active tables smaller. Geoff Orr Partitioned Tables Presention
Windows Forms 2.0 Data Binding Demonstration of an approach to create asynchronous business objects as asynchronously loading collections, as well as how to use the Windows Forms Error Provider to remove nasty validation code from your forms. Adam Cogan
Paul Stovell
Data Binding and Asynchronous Business Objects