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Code auditor

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Code Auditor Logo Link Auditor Logo

Congratulations, you are eligible for a FREE copy of SSW Code Auditor and SSW Link Auditor.

(Note: Offer expires 30th June 2005.)

Here is a list of instructions to follow in order to unlock you FREE copy of SSW Code Auditor and SSW Link Auditor!

When running SSW Code Auditor or SSW Link Auditor for the first time, a screen like this should appear.

  • Click on the Register now button

Register Now

  • Now Select the register over the web option, then press Next

Register over the web

  • Select New Client, then enter your email address and press Next

New Client

  • Enter in all your details and a password which you will need later, then press Next

Registration-Enter details

  • Enter in all your details, make sure your email address is correct, then press Next

Enter Email and confirm

  • Select you would like to pay by cheque
  • In the notes field type this code 'Special Offer SWP-AD122004'
  • Then press next and you should receive your Unlock Key in the next two days.

You will recieve the unlock key in 2 days time

We really hope you enjoy using this program and always welcome feedback.

You can send feedback to [email protected]