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We have a Public Folder on our web-server that is created because we needed a place to upload and download large files that are too big to email. Just think of it as a folder on the Internet that has a URL.

Uploading files

You have to use FTP to upload files to the SSW Web Server. You can do this a number of ways.
Either using:

  1. An FTP client - This is a stand alone program where you put in the server information and it will connect to it and allow you to upload and download files. An example is FTPSync.
  2. Using Internet Explorer (IE) - you can also use IE to upload and download files. You still need to enter in server details like user name and password but you do not require an ftp program. You enter this in the URL: " ftp://[email protected]/ "

Your user name and password are:
User Name: PublicFolders
Password: ****

If you chose to use IE to upload/manage files on this space, uploading or downloading a file is a simple as dragging and dropping the files to this space. You can do anything that you can as if it was a folder on your computer.

Instructing Clients to Download files

Dear xxxx

Your file is here (specific URL)

Please move (not copy) your files from here. We ask you to move them as a matter of keeping our public folders tidy.
Your user name and password are:
User Name: PublicFolders
Password: ****

Daniel Hyles
Database Developer

You can use the Public Folders to put files there for clients to get. You then tell the client the specific URL to the file/folders you want them to download.

An example of this is.

Instructing Clients to Upload files

Dear xxx

You can upload a file to our server using Internet Explorer by entering this into the address box at the top of Internet explorer: ftp://[email protected]/

Once prompted, type in the password: *****

Simply drag and drop your files into the IE window.

Once you have uploaded your files, please contact Daniel to let me know that the files have been sent. I will get them and remove your files from this area ASAP.


Mark Evans
Administration Manager

Sending email to clients.

Once you have put the file into this space, you will need to tell the client what the URL is to there files or what username and password is so they can upload files to the SSW Web Server.

An example of this is.