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If you have firewall issue with remote assistance in msn, VNC is a good solution to handle the firewall problem. But it's not easy for a client to install and configure VNC software. UltraVNC provides a Single Click solution to simplify the work on the client side - what your client needs to do is just to download an exe file and execute it. The following steps are what you need to do as a supporter to create UltraVNC SC customized exe as per UltraVNC SC (SingleClick) :

Developers: Follow the instructions below to create UltraVNC remote support package

  1. Download template from UltraVNC SC Custom.zip and unzip it to a folder e.g. SSWRemoteSupportByJamesZhou
    Figure: unzipped content of the template
  2. Replace the default icons and logo pictures with the SSW ones
    Figure: customize the template with SSW icons and logos
  3. Delete the file rc4.key if you don't need to encrypt your connection to client. If encryption is needed, you need to install DSM plugin for UltraVNC and generate a key file to replace the one in the template.
  4. Edit the helpdesk.txt file in the template like this
    SSW Remote Desktop Support
    Internet support
    -connect xxx.xxx.215.24:5500 -noregistry
    Internet support encryption
    -plugin -connect xxx.xxx.215.24:5500 -noregistry
    Double Click to make a connection
    SSW - Sydney's Leading .NET and SQL Consultants
    Call +61 2 9953 3000 to contact us
    Remote Support from SSW
    by <Your Name>
    SSW Remote Desktop Support
    More Info
    Establishing connection...
    Trying to connect
    If it fails, the software will remove itself
    from your system. 
    Connection active.
    Warning, your desktop is remote visible 
    You can break the connection any time
    by using the close button
    Figure: helpdesk.txt

    1. For SSW employees, you can use a copy of SSW UltraVNC SC template and what you need to change is the ip address and <Your Name> in the helpdesk.txt
    2. The IP address is your router's public address if you are behind a router. In this case, you need to configure the router to forward the connection to port 5500 to your pc or add your intranet IP as a virtual server to expose this port on the router.
    3. Check your firewall to allow this port number to use.

  5. Zip the folder as e.g. SSWRemoteSupportByJamesZhou.zip (Note: dot is not allowed in the name).
  6. Go to UltraVNC SC Online Compiler and upload the zip file you created.
    Figure: fill up the submit form (userid: foo password: foobar)
    Submit it and an exe file with the same name of the zip file will be created
    Figure: customized exe created
    Download the exe and put it under www.ssw.com.au/ssw/RemoteSupport/ and inform your client to download it from there.

    Important Notes:
    1. To ensure your client is in trust of your assistance, you should always tell your client to download anything from SSW official site
    2. If your client still doubts the exe file, you should explain what the exe is like this: VNC is an industry standard program for remote support. We have customized this exe for easy use.

Developer: Follow the instructions below to start UltraVNC remote support session

  1. Install UltraVNC from UltraVNC Home Page . Make sure your Windows Firewall allow the default port it uses.
    Figure: Allowing UltraVNC connection in Window Firewall
  2. Start UltraVNC Viewer in listen mode
    Figure: run UltraVNC in listen mode
    Figure: tray icon in your taskbar
  3. Ask your client to run the exe file after download and start the connection. You will be notified once your client opens the EXE. And then you can take control of client's computer and start the actual remote session.

Client: Please follow the instructions below to start UltraVNC remote support session

Step 1: Our developer will send you a url where you can download an EXE. Please download this EXE and place it on your desktop.

Step 2: Double click the EXE to start remote session. (Note: our developer will arrange a time that's convenient for you, you only need to run this EXE during this time.)
Once you run it, you will see a screen that's similar to the following. Please double click the "Internet support?link in the left hand side box.

Figure: UI for the Remote Support exe at client side

When you double click, this EXE will stay on your taskbar as a SSW icon and update you with the status of the remote session.
Figure: tray icon at client side

Step 3: Our developer will try to take control of your computer now, please click the link in the following screen to proceed.

Figure: taking control of remote computer

Once you accept this connection, our developer will be able to control your computer and you can sit in front of your screen and monitor the operations. See the following screen for how our developer opens a Notepad and type in some information on your screen.
Figure: remote desktop showing at your side

Step 4: Once the support is finished, you can close the connection by click on the system tray icon.

Figure: Cancel remote control through the Close button at client side


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Lei Xu