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This product is no longer supported. This is the new way of booking a meeting: Do you send Outlook Calendar appointments when appropriate?

The right way to book someone in for a meeting.

Booking meetings for others in any office can be a tricky task. Contacting people can be difficult, getting confirmation and rescheduling can all create longer delays and increase inefficiency. SSW has developed the SSW Team Calendar to help streamline that process.

Here's a scenario: The Office Administrator Jonathan gets a call from client Richard. Richard needs to book David K in for a meeting. Jonathan wants to insert the meeting on Richard's Calendar, but not his own.

If Jonathan is using Outlook 97-2002 then he could email Richard a meeting request, but it will be added to his calendar as well. Not the ideal method.

So what is the recommended way?

Step 1: Find out when Richard is available, using the Team Calendar URL, for example http://Intranet/TeamCalendar

David's next available time is Wed 9th. So Jonathan the Office Administrator clicks on Richard's hyperlink.

…then clicks on New to make a new appointment

The appointment is added to his Calendar.