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We all know, deep down, that our processes, workflows and tools within our software or IT organization are not optimal and that with some careful consideration, efficiency could be greatly improved.

By using the Scrum Methodology, we are able use the framework to ensure full communication between team members and correct and identify new processes and tools to improve efficiency and reduce wastage.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will show:

  • How to read the signs of wastage and inefficiency
  • An overview of the Scrum Methodology
  • Ways to use Scrum to address the wastage and inefficiency
  • How SSW uses Scrum internally to build high-performing teams
  • How SSW uses Scrum and the high-performing teams to deliver value to its customers
  • How to use tools to make the Scrum process efficient

This workshop is presented in layman terms staff in all departments understands.

Who should attend?

Software Product Owners (Program Managers, Product Managers), team leaders of software teams, CIO's, development managers and senior developers seeking ways to improve, wanting to become agile or wanting to become more agile while providing and maintaining transparency.

Workshop Details

Date: Friday 30th April 2010
Time: 8:00am - 11:00am
Address: Suite 10, 81-91 Military Road Neutral bay 2089 NSW
Food: Breakfast is provided
Cost: $110