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Before Using Upsizing PRO!

Essential things you should check in your Access 2000 database BEFORE upsizing:

  1. If the field size in an Access relationship is not exactly the same for both fields, the DRI constraint is not upsized - it is reported (cryptically) in the Upsizing Wizard.
  2. Check for tables without a unique index
  3. Check for spaces in table and field names
  4. Check for Validation rules
  5. Check for Unique index on a field and Required property set to no
  6. Check for default values like "0.00" when a field type is double, single, long, integer or byte.
  7. Check for large index on multiple fields. i.e. text fields that add up to more than 450 characters.
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  9. Check for fields that have more than 2 foreign keys because the table will be skipped.
  10. Check for dates that are invalid.
  11. The Upsizing Wizard can fail when upsizing a large table.
  12. If you are using Access Replication, you should delete all the old system fields that Access Replication added.