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Building the best software - Why you should work with us

Things you will ❤️ about SSW

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SSW has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Strasbourg (France), and Hangzhou (China). We have employees from all around the world. We're flexible, and in this fast paced industry, we're on the forefront of cutting edge technology. We're enthusiastic and have a "Make it happen" culture. We love engaging with the software development community.

We have a really special team here at SSW.

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SSW is unlike any place you've ever worked at.

Focus on latest technology

Focus on latest technology

We focus on the latest technology - you won't be stuck doing Access/Windows Forms/ASP.NET 1.1.

Work with smart people

Work with smart people

We employ smart people and they generate some awesome ideas.

Cross-industry experience

Cross-industry experience

You never get stuck at the same place forever. We work at different businesses so you get cross-industry experience.

Build your career

Build your career

If you want to build your profile in the industry our SSW TV team and SSW training team will help you make a name for yourself.

Work with the decision makers

Work with the decision makers

Management's hands-on involvement means you are often dealing with the decision maker and you should get a 'yes' or 'no' without having to go through a chain of management.

SSW's Best Practices

SSW's Best Practices

You will be working with SSW Rules which are best practices that developers and companies all over the world follow.

Fresh perspectives

Fresh perspectives

You can persuade management to change their decisions if you have a good logical reason.

The balance

The balance

We encourage employees to get fit. We have a gym at the Sydney office.

Work experience

Work experience

You will learn and be among quality devs who are keen and committed.



We think that we are a great place to work, and our employees think so as well! Read what current and past employees have written about us.

Work from home mix available

Work from home mix available

We believe that the best software is built by bringing people together in person to solve the problems faced by our clients. However, for most roles we enable SSW employees to work in a mix of environments that takes into account both productivity and wellbeing - including at home, and in our office. We have a flexible policy where our people feel empowered.

Perks of working at SSW

Working for SSW has many excellent perks and benefits.

We value all of our staff, and want you to be successful and help us deliver awesome solutions. All SSW team members get:

  • Workplace with stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs
  • Generous and flexible paid leave policy, including fun new experiences via YOLO days
  • Fun annual retreats
  • Free lunches most Fridays
  • Free family password manager subscription to keep your family's passwords secure
  • Nespresso coffee pods to keep you going!
  • Variety of work. Anyone can request to be rotated off long projects after 6 months if they're getting bored

SSW Getaway / Retreat

Once or twice a year the SSW folks and their families attend the SSW Getaway and spend some time together outside the office.

During these getaways, we do a bunch of fun activities together, have a hearty and delicious meal, and take an epic walk someplace beautiful.

Video: SSW Brisbane Retreat 2023 - Bli Bli Aqua Park Adventures & Poolside Fun in the Sunshine Coast (2 mins)

Recruitment process at SSW

SSW Recruitment Process

Permanent Roles

Due to the tremendous growth that our business has experienced over the last few months, we are seeking enthusiastic people to join the SSW team. SSW has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Hangzhou (China) and Strasbourg (France). See https://ssw.com.au/offices for the full list.

Our head office is located in Neutral Bay, Sydney which is one of the most elegant and scenic areas of Sydney. SSW is an Australian owned progressive consulting firm, specializing in building, implementing and maintaining Microsoft .NET software applications.

Sydney is a beautiful city on a magnificent harbor with good public schools and friendly people. The area offers some of the best beaches and outdoor sports in the world. SSW is uniquely located with easy access to the City, North Sydney and the Northern Suburbs.

Contractor Opportunities

We're regularly asked to provide highly skilled teams for short term projects. To facilitate these engagements we're looking for contractors who like brief challenging projects. You'll be part of our On-Demand squad - a team of specialized developers in AI, ASP.NET, Blazor, Angular, React, .NET MAUI (was Xamarin), Azure, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

Engagements are undertaken in Australia, China, Europe, UK and the USA. Most require working on-site, however, some are suitable for remote working.

If you have a proven track record and you love working with the latest technologies, please send us your CV including details of your technology specializations, availability and salary expectations.

Please note that SSW requires all employment candidates to:

  • Have strong communication skills with the ability to liaise with people at all levels
  • Live within 40 mins drive from SSW
  • Hold a degree

Dressing down (aka casual Fridays)?

We have a dress-down code or a "devolution" as we call it! It's something to look forward to and we can physically see the week counting down to Friday!

Our employees dress up on Mondays and Tuesdays by wearing company colors, and dress down later with a casual Thursday and Friday.

More on Do you follow the company's dress code?

Current opportunities

You will be working with expert Microsoft stack developers and designers in a wide variety of exciting corporate projects. The main reasons people choose to work at SSW are the great culture, the cool client projects, and the cutting edge tech stack. "SSW is unlike any place you've ever worked at."

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