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Brite Cheng

Senior Software Developer


B.Eng - Computer Science
I believe every work which seems impossible will become noble if you have passion and faith.
Brite Cheng

Brite Cheng


Brite is a Senior Software Developer at SSW. He specializes in developing solutions with ASP.NET(C#), SQL Server, SQL Reporting Service and Silverlight.


Below are some of his clients:

Conquest: A SOA solution for asset tracking line of business application, upgraded from an existing Access application to Silverlight.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 3.5, Silverlight, WCF, SQL Server 2008, LINQ to Entity and MVVM pattern

Westlink : Web and Windows applications for a large independent valuation and property consultancy practice in Australia.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 1.1, Web Services, Windows Forms, SQL Server 2000 and ADO.NET.

Energy Australia: A Rostering, Employee, Training and Equipment management application.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 3.5, Silverlight, WCF, Microsoft Dynamic Data and SQL Server 2005

Swift: A heavy engineering company looking to build a ERP like internal management system.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 3.5, WPF, WCF, Workflow, LINQ and SQL Server 2005

NRMA: An application providing funding for Community Grants and Reporting.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 3.5, Microsoft Dynamic Data and SQL Server 2005

TheGuide: A website delivering accurate and up-to-date information about Restaurants, Bars and Hotels in Australia.
Related Technology: ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005, NetTiers and nHibernate

Brite's internal projects:

Phone System: A flexible communication solution based on the open source PBX Asterisk, which is running on CentOS. He is in charge with the telephony system both in Sydney and Beijing office, customizing many SIP applications.

Google Analytics Report: His work is to using SEO methods to improve the traffic to the website of clients' and SSW's, and strengthen their marketing initiatives.

**SSW TimePRO.NET: **An integrated database application designed for corporations who bill on a time or product basis.
Related Technology: .NET Framework 3.5, C#, WCF, SQL Server and SQL Server Compact Edition

Favorite Quote:
His favorite quote is "We need men who can dream of things that never were."

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