Do you know how to be prepared for inbound calls?

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When you go to meetings to attract business, you always walk in knowing what they want. Why should phone calls be any different?

We use an inbound calls script. Having an inbound script does a couple of great things for you. It allows you to control the flow of the conversation, it also makes sure that you're asking them the right questions, and most importantly, you know when to listen and take notes. When someone calls always have an email open to jot down notes as well as a solid set of probing questions ready to ask the prospect.

If the call is regarding consulting these are the kinds of questions we ask:

  1. Can I get your name, company, phone number, and email?
  2. How did you find out about SSW?
  3. Do you have a website? If yes, what is the URL so I can look at it while we speak? (note the technology from the URL)
  4. Can I just ask, are you from a technical background?
  5. Have you given much thought to what you want your system to achieve (for example, we are currently doing an application that does...)?
  6. (Technical clients) Do you have a formal spec?
  7. (Technical clients) Have you chosen the technology - .NET, Web or Rich Client?
  8. Have you got an idea when you would like this project completed?
  9. What's your role in the project and how important is this project to your business?
  10. Do you have a bit of a ballpark of what you want to spend? (Silence). Are you thinking of 10k, 50k or 100k (Silence). (If they ask you for a ballpark, say: 'There are a number of factors involved, so it's too early for me to say at the moment, I will be in a much better position to work out a price once we've had a chance to meet and talk about your requirements.)
  11. Have you spoken to any other IT companies? Do you mind me asking who they were?
  12. Before we go, let me confirm my understanding of your requirements.
  13. Can I just explain to you how we move forward? We will have a free initial meeting with a developer and a Project Manager to get a thorough understanding of your requirements. At that meeting, we will also explain our development methodology and fees.
  14. Now, would you prefer to meet at our offices in Neutral Bay, or is it easier for you (First Name) if we come to you? (confirm date and time)
  15. Is there anyone else from your company who should be at that meeting? I'm just trying to understand how the decision to work with SSW would be made. (confirm you have the decision maker).
  16. Now get full details

If the call is regarding events these are the kinds of questions we ask:

  1. Which event are you interested in? The User Group, workshop, or conference?
  2. Would you like me to register your attendance for the event?
  3. What event information do you require?
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