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Do you close off a message thread?

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When handling email threads within instant messaging (IM), adding a "Done - see email {{ SUBJECT }}" a clear and concise way to close off a thread.

done see email
Figure: Closing off a conversation on Microsoft Teams

Benefits of using this method

  • Clarity and efficiency - "Done - see email" offers clarity by indicating that an email-related task has been completed. This concise signal minimizes unnecessary back-and-forth, allowing you to focus on more critical matters.
  • Reducing IM clutter - In busy work environments, IM platforms can become crowded. Closing email discussions with "Done - see email" declutters your IM threads, making it easier to manage conversations.
  • Record Keeping - This phrase helps maintain a record of actions taken. It serves as a timestamped reference point for future discussions, aiding in task recall.

Using "Done - see email" wisely

  • Employ it when a task related to an email is complete
  • Specify action details in the email if necessary
  • Summarize key points in complex email threads

Close off a thread by "Done - see email" in IM to streamline conversations, reduce overload, and maintain organized records, ultimately improving productivity.

Note: The phrase "see email" can be adapted to various contexts, such as "see attached document", "refer to the shared link", or "check the updated project board," depending on the specific details or resources relevant to the conversation's resolution.

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