Do you know how to collaborate across time zones with minimal overlap?

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Timezones can make communication and collaboration difficult, but there is a silver lining! If there is a time-sensitive task you can asynchronously collaborate and get it done faster. Imagine a relay race, where you pass the baton to the next runner. This is how you should think about collaborating across timezones.

To do this effectively, you need to do a project handover every day. This takes a lot of thorough documentation and communication.

Send an email at the end of your day to the person in the other timezone. This email should contain the progress you made today, any decisions that were made, and any big changes that impact the rest of the work. You should also list the remaining tasks and ask them to reply if they have completed the tasks from the previous email. If there is business hours overlap, get a checked by from the recipient.

Figure: Good example – A nice handover email to your coworker in another timezone, repeat this process until the task is complete

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