Do you add breadcrumb to every webpage?

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Keeping a breadcrumb trail on every page is necessary. It is a navigation tool so users can easily locate themselves and find what they are looking for quickly. But don't link a page to itself!

Integrating a breadcrumb trail on webpages brings these benefits:

  • provides users with a clear and visual navigational path - they understand their location within the website's structure
  • enhanced user navigation
  • easy to backtrack to previous pages and explore related content
  • reduced effort required to navigate through complex websites
  • allows users to quickly access information - more engagement
  • improves overall website usability

Additionally, breadcrumbs contribute to better search engine optimization, as they provide search engines with a clear understanding of the website's hierarchy, helping to improve website visibility and rankings in search results.

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Figure: Good example - Breadcrumb has many benefits

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