UX - Do you rename Azure’s default URL?

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If you use the default Azure staging website URL, it can be difficult to remember and a waste of time trying to lookup the name every time you access it. Follow this rule to increase your productivity and make it easier for everyone to access your staging site.

Default Azure URL: sugarlearning-staging.azurewebsites.net

Figure: Bad example - Site using the default URL (hard to remember!!)

Customized URL: staging.sugarlearning.com

Figure: Good example - Staging URL with "staging." prefix

How to setup a custom URL

  1. Add a CName to the default URL to your DNS server

2015 03 10 17 13 55
Figure: CName being added to DNS for the default URL

  1. Instruct Azure to accept the custom URL

custom domains
Figure: Azure being configured to accept the CName

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