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Do you display information consistently?

Last updated by Rebecca Liu on 19 Feb 2015 12:59 am (about 6 years ago) See History

When redirecting users to another page make sure that the text is consistent between the two pages.

Figure: Good example - Click "More" and the next page begins with the same information

As an example, the SSW website follows a consistent order: a summary of the product/service and its benefit followed by a longer paragraph with more information. When we want to redirect users to a page we simply use the summary part of that page as narrative on the other page (e.g. events list). As a result, user will have a nice flow between pages when navigating around the site. See a live example.

Please Note: the figure here is intended to show the consistency in the text, the use of a link called More is not desirable as per our Google Rule Do your links have relevancy to the page you're linking to?

Please Note #2: This is about the text being consistent. However you should also keep your links consistent.

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