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Do you have a 'Related Links' section?

Last updated by Rebecca Liu on 19 Feb 2015 01:26 am (about 6 years ago) See History

Do you make sure you have a 'Related Links' section at the bottom of each page? This will avoid problems like:

  1. Orphan pages. You should always give your visitors somewhere to go on each page and never leave them at a "dead end." Some people will actually bookmark certain pages in your site and return directly there, rather than go through the home page. If that page is an "orphan" and not linked to another page in your site, your visitor will leave thinking you have nothing else to offer and nowhere to get there if you do and you may have missed out on a sale.
  2. Long Pages. Surfers tend not to scroll too much so if you have all your information on one page and your visitors have to continually scroll down, they may get bored and go elsewhere. As a result, they could miss vital information. All important content should be at the top of the page and if you have a lot of information, link it to another page so visitors can see at a glance the information available.

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