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Do you know how to check the status and statistics of the current Sprint?

Created on 01 Aug 2012 | Last updated by Christian Morford-Waite on 26 Feb 2021 05:05 AM (about 2 months ago)

Developers think they are done when they finish coding and check in.

Wrong. It is much better to use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and step through the Acceptance Tests.

Once you are doing that, this is how you check the status of the current Sprint:

check sprint status
Figure: Good example - This Sprint currently has 2 'Failed' tests (red), and 1 'Active' test (blue). (This 'Results' view is new in MTM 2012)


  • The red is work remaining for the developers, and
  • The blue is working remaining for the testers (unfinished testing)
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