Do you know how to test which pain points are relevant to your prospect?

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Once you have documented your prospect’s pain points, choose the best ones . The greatest way to test if they are good enough is to run a social media ad campaign targeting your most engaged audience with your top 7 pain points. The pain point that gets the most engagement, is the one that people relate to the most. But keep in mind, this is just a indicator - sometimes customers have several pain-points that vary. 

Facebook ads, for example, are a really cheap way to test quickly (you should run a quick campaign for 2 or 3 days) which headlines are the best performing within your target market.

The winning ad is your hottest pain point for your target market.

Take the winner and complete the marketing campaign and show this campaign to all your audiences. You can also use these headlines to create content for your target audience and get leads out of it when they download your content.

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