Do you know why you need to understand your perfect prospects pain points?

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There is a great quote by Wyatt Wood small which says:

“When you can articulate another person’s problem better than they can, they automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution.

When you are promoting your services to a prospect, the worst thing you can do is to talk about your business or products and services promoting them and not listen to what they actually have to say. People don’t generally care about your business, they care about how you are able to solve their problems. If you can show your prospect how you can help make their lives a little easier, your services will thrive.

If you can show them that you understand their problem, they will automatically assume you have the solution, or that you make your best to help them.

Think about the last visit you made to your doctor. Why did you trust the doctor in the beginning? Why did you do what he/she recommended? Because he/she asked you a series of questions and described your problem. The more the doctor described your symptoms, the greater your trust in his/her knowledge and you believed he/she had the answer.

The same is true for effective marketing. If your advertising describes your prospect’s pain points so well that they identify with your message, they will click the ad, join the webinar or buy your product – or do what your Call-To-Action (CTA) says. And that’s why they will be perfect for targeting your audience.

Spend some time to understand your target’s pain points and use them in your advertising to get their attention and try to convert them with your CTA’s.

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