Do you know the dangers of sitting?

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Your body in an amazing machine. It constantly improves itself to get better at whatever you do most. Unfortunately for most of us, the thing we do most with our bodies is sit.

This causes your core to weaken as its no longer needed to hold you upright, and also causes your hip flexors to shorten, as your legs are always pushed out in front of you at about 90 degrees.

The solution is as simple as you might hope... just stand up and walk around every half hour or so... the simple act of standing up at your desk can drastically help to counter the damage you do by sitting.

The ultimate fix is to do a hip flexor stretch whenever possible. The easiest one for most office spaces is putting your knee on a seat behind you and bending your supporting leg while pushing your hips forward. If you're doing it right, you should feel a stretch at the top of your leg on e the front where the leg meets the pelvis.

Hip Flexor Stretch
Figure: Good example - It may look silly, but your body will thank you for it

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