Communication - Do you know the nice way to correct someone?

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When you notice that someone has done something that could have been done better, make sure you are tactful in your correction/suggestions. When you are giving someone a correction or tip, try to include an URL to back up your point.

For example, if someone sends you an email that should be an appointment:

Subject: Meeting

Hi Guys,

Let's meet on Thursday at 3 PM

Figure: Someone requests a meeting using a normal email message

You could reply in different ways:

Subject: RE: Meeting

Hi Mary,

FYI - an appointment would have been better. See rule in Rules to better Email

Figure: Bad Example - Just pointing the mistake

Subject RE: Meeting

Hi Mary,

I noticed you did not send an appointment for this meeting. I hope you don't mind, but I have gone ahead and created one so we don't all have to set a reminder individually.

Have a look at our Rules to better Email. We have a number of helpful standards like this if you're interested.

Figure: Good Example - Being proactive to solve the problem + pointing the mistake in a friendly and polite manner

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