Twitter - Do you know to tweet relevant stuff only?

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Your tweets should be interesting to your target audience. People aren't going to follow you for long if you make off topic and low value tweets.

bad twitter
Bad Example - "Having lunch" is not an interesting tweet

Some good examples of things to tweet about:

  • One week before an event, tweet about the event to raise awareness
  • One day before an event, tweet about the event and what you are talking about
  • On the day of the event, check-in on foursquare when you arrive (gives people a nice map)
  • When something good happens to you. E.g. You beat your boss in an arm wrestle
  • Tweet before and after installing new software or after an upgrade eg:

    • Installing #SharePoint for the first time
    • #SharePoint install done - found a great guide to follow here:

good twitter
Good Example - An informative tweet with hashtags and relevant links for a targeted audience of IT followers

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