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Calendar - Does your website make it easy for your users to add an event to their calendar?

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If you have a date for any event appearing on your website, you should make it as easy as possible for the user to add it to their Outlook calendar. This is why we use ICS links for all dates on our site.

Next User Group Meeting: Wednesday, 15 February 2006 5:45 PM

Figure: Bad Example - User cannot add a reminder

Next User Group Meeting: Wednesday, 15 February 2006 5:45 PM Add Outlook reminder

Figure: Good Example - User can click and add a reminder

By clicking the calendar link, users can easily add the event to their own calendars.

You have 2 options - VCS and ICS. Both let you add appointments to your calendar. We use ICS because it allows collaborating information between personal information management programs like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Calendar, Mac OS, etc. over the Internet, independently of differences between program vendors or operating systems, which is not allowed with VCS.

It is always preferred to use icons to give users a proper idea about the file. Users can quickly get the idea by just looking at the icon.

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