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Appointments - Do you make your team meetings easy to find?

Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 21 Apr 2022 02:54 am (4 months ago) See History

When joining a new team, it's easy to be lost and not know when the important meetings are (like the Daily Scrum, or the next Sprint Review). Broadly, use Teams as the appointment source (rather than Outlook) then the benefit is that you can have a tab where you see it in the context of the team. Then, when a new member joins a Team they do not have to go looking for the appointment, and can easily join the call.

team meetings   bad example
Figure: Bad Example - When I look at my calendar, I don't know when the meetings are

team meetings   good example
Figure: Good Example - A SharePoint page allows me to see my Team's meetings before I have been invited (and invite myself if required)

  1. Open up the Team's SharePoint site (you can find this easily by going to the Files tab and clicking Open in SharePoint)
  2. Go to the SharePoint site's Home page (from the menu on the left)
  3. Add a new page
  4. Add a Group Calendar web part to the page
  5. Publish the page

Figure: Some easy to follow steps to create the SharePoint page

  1. In Teams, click add a new SharePoint tab to the Team
  2. Select the newly published SharePoint page
  3. Click Save

Figure: Adding a tab to a Team is an indispensable skill

  1. All done, now all you need to do is setup some meetings for the channel (see rule: Do you know how to create recurring teams meetings for a channel?)! 😀

Make sure you pick "SharePoint" tab (as opposed to "Website" tab) for best possible integration:

Bad One
Figure: Bad Example - using the Website tab

Good One
Figure: Good Example - using the SharePoint tab

Suggestion to Microsoft: This is an unnecessary extra hoop to jump through. If you create an appointment from a Team then this tab should be automatically created.

team meetings   add yourself
Figure: As a bonus, I can the event to my calendar

Warning: Only the organizer of a meeting can make changes to it and Teams offers no ability to transfer ownership of that meeting. To be fair you also can’t change meeting owners in Exchange.


See this Microsoft Community entry that describes that the Teams team is working on delegation for Teams meetings but no ETA.

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