Do you use Lead Magnets as part of your marketing strategy?

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In today’s overcrowded marketplace there are dozens of businesses offering the same goods and services with little to no variety, and for a consumer, this can result in it being hard to decide which one will provide the best value and service. Which is why Lead Magnets, if used correctly - can be a powerful addition to your overall Marketing Strategy.

One way to gain a consumer's trust is to offer them something related to your service for free prior to them making a purchase.

For example, you could use a marketing technique called a Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet refers to any content piece; webinar, eBook, infographic, or initial consultation, you offer to your potential customers.

Lead Magnets not only provide a starting place for consumers to solve their initial problem, but also build trust between the consumer and your brand, increasing the likelihood of a return customer, and increasing your potential revenue.

lead magnet
Figure: Lead Magnet on the SSW site

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