Do you know how to best utilize your Solution Architects?

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To have a successful project, it is often imperative to have an experienced Solution Architect or Tech Lead running the project. They can support your lesser experienced developers, keep projects on track, or just help make those important tech decisions that pop up throughout a project.

Often, you only have a handful of people who are experienced enough to do this. So how do you share the love and make sure all of your projects go well and that their experience is shared throughout the company?

A great way to manage this, is to make sure some of your Solution Architects are only booked to one project 4 days a week, with the 5th day floating. This frees them up to support more than one project, and help share that valuable expertise around!

Last day (floating day) should be used for:

  1. Client emergencies/support
  2. Spec Reviews
  3. Other teams' Sprint Reviews
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