Do you know when and how to send a v2 of an email?

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Sometimes you will need to send a new version for an email. This often is due to 2 main reasons:

  • You received substantial feedback about the email you've sent that requires a new version
  • You realized you've made a mistake and want to send an updated version of an email

Having an entire new version of an email is important as it:

  • Ensures that you understood feedback and incorporated it immediately
  • Cleans up the email thread history to only have relevant content

Video: Fixing An Email Mistake with Adam Cogan (3 min)

Note: Not every feedback will need a v2. Some may be in the form of:

  • Hints for what could be better for next time, in which case all that's required is you take the feedback on board
  • Changes or clarifications to the content, that can act as the latest version of the thread, without needing a re-send

How to structure a v2

  1. Include (v2 - {{ REASON }}) on the first line of the email body

    • For further versions of an email, replace the v2 with v3, v4, v5, etc
  2. The reason should include a summary of what was changed
  3. Send the v2 email as if v1 never happened (same for v3, v4, etc). Make sure the previous version is not part of the email history
  4. If the email is a reply, then keep the email history leading up to your original email

Warning: Do not add "v2" or make any changes to the subject as we want to keep the thread.

How to send a v2 in Outlook

  1. Open your v1 email in Sent Items
  2. Click Actions | Resend this message

Note: For appointments the procedure is different, see do you explain why you've updated or deleted an appointment?.

Figure: Good example - Sending a 'v2' when you need to make an update

Note: If all the feedback you received is incorporated into the new version, there is no need for an additional done email. However, if you've got other tasks in the feedback, it may be necessary to reply 'done' to those separated from the content of your v2.

Tip: If you are doing a lot of these, you can add the 'Resend This Message' button to 'Quick Access' toolbar in Outlook.

microsoftteams image
Figure: 'Resend This Message' on the 'Quick Access' toolbar

Video: Some jobs give no chance for a v2

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