Do you have a "YOLO Day"?

It's important that staff feel appreciated, expand their horizons, and also that they celebrate each others' successes. A great way to do all of these is to give them an additional day of Annual Leave each year, and encourage them to use it to do something remarkable.

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Figure: Sometimes people need a nudge to do something they'll remember for ever

"YOLO Day" is based on the phrase "You Only Live Once".

Staff should be incentivized to use their YOLO Day to do something fun that they they don't normally do, e.g. skydiving, windsurfing, etc.

If you use this in your own company, add it to the list of perks that you offer everyone (e.g.

Encourage your employees to share what they did with the company, reminding everyone about this cool perk they've got 😊

Video: You Only Live Once | Adam Cogan's e-Foiling adventure | SSW YOLO Day (12 min)

Nick Viet
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