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Do you fix your ugly URL's?

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Ugly URL's don't only make it difficult for users to browse your site, they can also impact your Google rankings.

Figure: If you have a nasty URL like this...

You should fix it up to look more like this:

Figure: Users could even guess the URL

  1. Add in Global.asax a route
protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) 
//RouteTable and PageRouteHandler are in System.Web.Routing 
RouteTable.Routes.Add("ProductRoute", new Route("products/{productname}", new PageRouteHandler("~/MyInternalDB/UserDatabase/ProductList.aspx.aspx"))); 

Figure: OK example - create a static route if you only have a few rewrites

  1. Use the URL Rewriting Module for IIS7

Figure: Good example - An IIS7 Rewrite is much easier to manage

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