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Fixed Price – Do you transition back to T&M at the end of the warranty period?

Created on 18 Sep 2020 | Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 18 Sep 2020 10:03 PM (7 months ago)

Towards the end of the warranty period, it’s important to ascertain whether the client would like to continue any further work on a Time & Materials basis, and let them know that, if not, it’s likely their developers may be booked for another client.

Your 1st choice should just be to book the developers for some ongoing T&M days, but, failing that, send the following email:

From: Account Manager or Dev To: Client CC: SSW Team  Subject: [Client name]: Transition back to T&M


As per our conversation, XXX is the last day of the warranty period. You have not currently booked any of the developers for any ongoing work, so please be aware that they may be booked to another client moving forwards.

In the instance that you need more work done after they’ve already been booked out, we can still support you with other developers as needed, but be aware this may incur some ramp up time. If you want your original developers, you may have to wait until they finish whatever project they get allocated to next.

If you need to be able to guarantee quick turnaround times, maybe think about signing up for a Support Plan:

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