Do you schedule a follow-up meeting after the Spec Review?

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When a Spec Review concludes, the journey towards project kickoff is only partially complete. For instance, imagine a scenario where the client had multiple questions and slight hesitations about the estimates provided during the Spec Review. Without a structured follow-up, these hesitations could evolve into concerns, possibly stalling the project before it even begins.

At the end of the Spec Review presentation with the client, work out a good time for the follow-up meeting and book it into their calendar immediately.

Objectives of the follow-up meeting

The follow-up meeting is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth transition from the Spec Review to the initiation of the project. Here's why and how we conduct this meeting:

1. Reaffirming priorities

Revisit the MVP backlog to ensure there has been no shift in priorities. It's essential to keep the project aligned with the client's expectations and business objectives.

Client: "We initially thought Feature A was crucial, but now we believe Feature B should take precedence."

Account Manager: "No problem, we can re-evaluate the backlog and adjust the estimates accordingly."

Good example - Adapting to client’s evolving priorities maintains alignment and trust

2. Encouraging new insights

The Spec Review often sparks new ideas or considerations. Encourage the client to share any fresh insights or concerns, which could be pivotal for the project.

3. Clarifying estimates and timelines

Present an updated estimate reflecting any changes post Spec Review, ensuring clarity on the number of Sprints, developers needed, and the overall cost.

4. Outlining next steps

Clearly outline the subsequent steps, identifying any immediate actions required from either party to move forward.

5. Improving through feedback

Retro - Solicit feedback on the Spec Review process to continuously refine it, enhancing the experience for future projects.

Delve into any T&Cs, NDAs, or other administrative details requiring attention before project commencement.

Appointment template

To facilitate the scheduling of the follow-up meeting, here's a template that Account Managers can use:

Figure: Follow up appointment after a Spec Review

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