Do you follow-up to confirm a Spec Review?

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In the process of scheduling a Spec Review, it's not uncommon to encounter a slight delay as we strive to find a mutually convenient time for both parties. Consequently, substantial intervals may transpire between our initial conversation and the actual Spec Review taking place.

This temporal gap can potentially result in a misalignment with the client, where they might perceive the Spec Review as still pending. So, it's important to find ways to stay on the same page and make sure the Spec Review goes smoothly.

To bridge this gap it important to do two things:

  1. Send a confirmation email & if the Spec Review is more than 1-month in the future BCC an appropriate follow up for the week before so you can call the client and make sure it's still on
  2. Send an appointment to both the client and the developers so everyone is clear on the start date
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