Do you know the best way to share and collaborate on your design work?

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One of the many reasons Figma is the most recommended software for user experience design is that it makes the design process (handover and feedback) more open and inclusive. By enabling more people to contribute and share feedback, teams can create more creative and comprehensive solutions that reflect a wider range of perspectives.

Sharing a Figma file is as easy as sharing a link.

Figma is a multifaceted tool that provides designers with a shared project space where they can publish their work and allow the entire team to collaborate on a project. Editors can manage permissions and should invite viewers or collaborators to a project as needed. Interactive prototypes are treated as a separate file and can be shared using their own specific links too.

Share design work with collaborators

Developers, clients, or any other collaborators can use Figma to view mockups with selectable elements and interactive prototypes. The inspect tab allows viewers to access size or spacing measurements plus code snippets generated from the designs - for iOS, Android, and CSS - that can be copied right into a project. Developers can also take advantage of a project's components and styles to dive into all the reusable elements or variables that have been created. Anyone with access to a Figma file can easily export not only whole frames, but any symbols and assets a designer has crafted or included in the file.

Video: Figma For Beginners: Prepare for Handoff (5 min) - Figma helps developers deliver on the promise of a design

Get feedback for your design work

Team members can easily add and reply to comments on files and prototypes using the browser or Figma desktop and even on Figma mobile app. Figma also allows you to pin your comment to a selected location on the canvas. You can also mention collaborators in your messages.

figma feedback
Figure: Good example - Feedback pinned to a location, mentioned a designer and using change from X to Y rule

When you've reached an agreement or solved an issue, remember to resolve the comment. Figma will remove the comment icon from the prototype to keep your canvas clean and tidy.

Note: Resolved comments can be turned back on by showing resolved comments on the prototype.

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