Do you know the best software for user experience design?

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There are a few options when it comes to the best software for UI/UX design (the creation of mockups and prototypes in particular). The most popular are:

  • (recommended)
  • Figma (recommended)
  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch (MacOS only)

The goal of any designer is to develop the best UI and develop the best user experience possible, and you want the best tool to help achieve this. Figma is the ideal design tool - highly collaborative, accessible cross-platform, and cloud-based. In addition to these features it comes with a huge suite of unique design tools. The auto-layout feature, for example, helps designers craft highly responsive products in a way that reflects actual CSS properties like grids and flexbox which serves to ease the transition between design and development.

Figure: Figma helps designers bring ideas to life in a wireframe or prototype.

Why Figma?

  • No need for installation or updates (browser-based)
  • Unlimited view-only collaborators on every project
  • Unlimited version history with version control (30-day history for free users)
  • Unlimited files and cloud storage
  • Auto-save
  • Collaboration and handover is streamlined with a shared workspace and exportable assets
  • Libraries of reusable components, text, colour and layer styles
  • FigJam is a built-in whiteboard tool for mapping and discovery
  • A huge and highly engaged community

Note: One tool doesn't always replace the others! Figma does not include the print design and photo editing features of Adobe Photoshop and other software also used by designers. Photoshop is the industry standard in raster (pixel-based) graphics editing, photography and digital art. Adobe Illustrator, on the other hand, is the standard vector-based design tool used for print design, logos, icons and more. All of these tools have a place on a designer's belt!

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