Do you know how to hand over a project?

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Transitioning a project smoothly is crucial, whether due to changing project assignments or planned absences. A thorough handover process ensures continuity and minimizes disruption.

It's essential to initiate the handover planning as soon as a transition is known. Review the project with the selected team member who will take over. Schedule a handover meeting with high priority.

The handover is the responsibility of the person transitioning away from the project

Figure: This is not how you hand over a project

Handover Checklist

Send this checklist in an email before the handover meeting to guide the discussion:

Ensure you reply done to this email after the handover meeting, with a checked by from the recipient.

For individual task handovers, see Do you know how to hand over email tasks to others?.

Tip: Recording the handover process via a Teams call can be beneficial for future reference.

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