SharePoint - Do you know how to move a rule? (internal only)

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Moving a rule page from a folder to another is not needed anymore. All rule pages are staying in the same library (folder called "Pages") since we moved the rule pages from 100+ subwebs into the root one.

If you want a rule page to be shown on a different rule summary page, simply change the "Rule Category" field value to the relevant one (see step #7 on Do you know how to create a rule?)


Sometimes you might need to move a rule from a category to another. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Site Settings":

site settings
Figure: Make sure you are logged in and click on "Site Settings"

  1. Under "Site Administration", click on "Content and structure":

content structure
Figure: Go to "Content and structure"

  1. Navigate on the categories and pages to find the rule you want to move:

move rule
Figure: Find the rule to be moved and click on the small arrow beside it, then click on "Move..."

  1. Select the new location where the rule should be:

select new place
Figure: Navigate through categories and click on the place the rule should be moved to and click "OK"

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