Do you limit the project scope?

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A client will often ask for more features than are really necessary for the MVP. They may also think that implementing a feature is easier than it is.

There are a few things you can do to control the scope of the project and deliver the client the most value.

Tip #1: Flag problematic tasks as soon as possible

If a feature is going to take a long time or isn't going to deliver much business value, make sure to flag it to the client and make sure it really is a priority. Explain that you can always deliver the feature at a later date after they go live. By following these steps, only the features in the initial project are developed, saving the client time and money.

Tip #2: Estimate as you go

When you are doing a Spec Review, make sure you estimate tasks as you go. That way you can flag problematic tasks as soon as possible. Once you estimate a task, get another developer to check it incase you missed anything.

Tip #3: Flesh out requirements

If an estimate looks high, the requirements might not be fully fleshed out. Double check if the requirements are clear enough, otherwise follow-up with the client to discuss further.

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