LinkedIn - Do you connect your Microsoft account?

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Outlook (and other Microsoft 365 apps) has a great feature that shows users' LinkedIn profiles - but only if the user has connected their Microsoft account to LinkedIn.

linkedin bad
Figure: Bad example - LinkedIn profile is not connected to a Microsoft account

linkedin good
Figure: Good example - LinkedIn profile is connected to a Microsoft account

To connect your Microsoft account

  1. In Outlook, hover over your name (for example, in an email to you) and click on the LinkedIn logo

linkedin hover
Figure: Click the blue LinkedIn logo

  1. On the LinkedIn page that appears, click "Yes, let's go"

linkedin signin
Figure: Sign in to LinkedIn

Note: If your Microsoft account is already connected, you'll see your LinkedIn profile here instead.

  1. Follow the prompts to sign in to LinkedIn, and allow access to your account
  2. Hover over your name again, click the LinkedIn logo and see your profile appear

You can also check this within LinkedIn. go to LinkedIn | Settings | Account Preferences | Account Management | Microsoft, and view your account connection.

linkedin linked
Figure: Microsoft account connected

See also: Microsoft's Support page on this topic

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