Management - Do you have a "Release Update/Debrief Meeting" on a weekly basis?

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Every week the project manager should meet with the client to conduct an external "Test Please" as well as to discuss the status of the release.

Tip #1: Choose the same day each week (for example SSW chooses Tuesday) Tip #2: While it is better to conduct an internal "Test Please" before the meeting (for example SSW chooses Friday), this "Release Update/Debrief Meeting" should proceed (even if it hasn't been completed).

This is the agenda:

  1. Status of original work items - are they all done?
  2. External Test Please - go through the application and get the clients thoughts. Many issues they see, will already be reported by the internal "Test Please". Send emails to the new ones.
  3. Triage these additional work items - try to move all to the next release
  4. Approval for additional work items/budget overruns - talk $$ e.g. look at the "Actual" and "Estimate" figures on the top of the report
  5. Release sign-off - "Yes" or "No"?

If "Yes"

  1. Ask the client for a mark /10 for the release
  2. Ask the client if you can do a deployment to Production?
  3. Ask for Approval for next release

There are tools to help you do this:

ProgressReport small
Figure: The actual output of the Release Update Report

Here is a PDF format SSW Release Update Report.

If you are at the end of a main section of work, promote your success

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