LinkedIn - Do you know how to manage a LinkedIn page for international companies?

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A common marketing challenge for international companies is managing social media content in different languages for a diverse audience.

LinkedIn offers many ways to customize your company's posts for audiences all over the world. One of these options is to create posts for a specific audience group based on their location and language and more.

LinkedIn pages:

  • Microsoft USA, Microsoft China, Microsoft France
  • SSW Australia, SSW France

Figure: Bad example - Multiple LinkedIn Pages for each region

LinkedIn pages:

  • Microsoft
  • SSW

Figure: Good example - Single LinkedIn page covering all regions

Benefits of targeted, multilingual content

Here are a few valuable benefits of doing this:

Growth – You can grow your audience in a single LinkedIn Page as opposed to starting from zero every time you add a new office location!
Reach – As your audience grows and so does your engagement, you will be able to reach more people and businesses
Employment – You will be able to advertise all the roles you are hiring for, locally and internationally, if this is your case
Scaling up – If your business is growing, you will be able to manage your LinkedIn presence under a single page and your business will look bigger as it grows!

microsoft jobs on linkedin international
Figure: Good example - Microsoft's LinkedIn page shows their jobs from all around the world and their offices 🌍 🏢

targetting options available linkedin
Figure: Language, job function, location and industry are some of the options you can select to do a targeted post on your LinkedIn

picture1 language
Figure: LinkedIn will use your profile information to show targeted posts to you. For example, if you set your language to English, you will be targeted only for English content.

Why create targeted posts in different languages?

LinkedIn is extremely popular in North America, Europe and Asia. Having a multilingual profile can increase your online visibility and help reach existing and new clients and partners in these locations, which are also the largest and fastest-growing economies.

Considerations to keep in mind

When creating a multilingual LinkedIn Company page, some key elements to keep in mind are:

  • Make sure your services/products are suitable for the new audience you are targeting your content to as all markets will have their own individualities
  • Ensure you are communicating the same message in all languages, and nothing is getting lost in translation
  • You will need to invest in research to find out how your new audience is consuming content so you can adapt to that

LinkedIn targeted posts in practice

1. Targeted Posts

Here is how you can create Targeted Company Posts:

  1. On the “All Pages” or “Home” tab of your Super or Content admin view, draft your post

linkedin post how to
Figure: LinkedIn’s draft post window

  1. As the default setting is “Anyone”, you can adjust the privacy settings by clicking on the 🌏 dropdown & selecting the correct audience for your post

linkedin targeted post how to
Figure: For a targeted company post, you would select “Targeted audience”

🗒️ For comment settings, click “Anyone” at the bottom of the “Create a post" window – select your preferred settings (Anyone or No one) & click save to apply your changes.

  1. Add your preferred targeting criteria on the Target audience settings Page. ⚠️Targeted posts must target a minimum of 300 Page Followers
    Note: You can add up to 150 different locations!

target audience settings narrow bad example
Figure: Bad example - LinkedIn’s Target audience is too narrow

linkedin targeted post good example
Figure: Good example - Target Audience Settings Page after your criteria reaches enough target followers

  1. Click the ‘Save’ button and you are all ready to post!

2. New language for your company’s About

Here is how you can add new languages to your LinkedIn company page:

  1. On your company page, click on ‘Edit Page’
    Note: you will need to have admin access to be able to do this
  2. On the left column, scroll down and you will see ‘Manage languages’

multilingual pages on linkedin
Figure: If you have a multilingual business, you can select the different languages your clients may speak in this section on LinkedIn

  1. Then you can add a tagline and a description. Please note that LinkedIn does not offer all languages in the world, so you need to verify if the needed language is covered by LinkedIn 🌐
  2. After adding that information, you can choose your default language and your LinkedIn company page will be ready to reach new markets! 💥
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