Do you post multilingual posts on Social Media?

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If you have an office in more than one country, a great way to show your diversity and connect with your different audiences is through posting multilingual social media.

Building and maintaining a multilingual social media presence is not an easy undertaking, but when done properly it is well worth the time and effort. It allows you to truly connect with your audience regardless of which language they speak. International customers will appreciate the fact that your brand has taken time to communicate with them in their native tongue, it will also help establish their trust in your ability to understand them, and shows that you don't have to rely on dodgy automatic translations that often go wrong.

For example, at SSW, we have an awesome office in Hangzhou, China, that offers a Chinafy Consulting Service to help Western companies adapt to the Chinese business environment. It is important for us to show that we understand our customers, and their target audience - our social media reflects our ability to do this.

Good example: SSW China post their social media in both English and Chinese 中文, because it helps establish trust with our audience that we understand them, helps us target a wider audience and proves that we can help bridge the language barrier.

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