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Do you monitor YouTube Analytics and metrics effectively?

Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 30 May 2021 10:18 pm (about 1 year ago) See History

At SSW, our Superstar developers love making content.

In fact, they love seeing how the community engages and consumes the content they create.

At the start of every month, or week - our Marketing and YouTube team love to review and see how the video content produced is performing. Here are some important metrics to monitor and let our content creators know about:

  1. Audience retention:  the specific points in the video where the audience is dropping off/not engaging with their content.
  2. Top Traffic sources.
  3. Overall views, Watch time, Subscribers and Revenue.

Why do this? It keeps your content creators informed in how their specific video is performing and most importantly gives them a picture of what to focus on in their next talk.

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