Video data - Do you back up your files in an organized way?

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It is important to back up your work regularly to a separate location to prevent any loss of data. Ideally, back-ups are saved to a server or cloud-based file storage for ease of access.

When building projects, ensure that files and folders are labeled clearly and consistently. For example, use different folders for different file types - footage, images, exports, projects, etc. This ensures that another team member (or your future self) can easily find all the assets associated with the project. File names and structure should be consistent – both among team members and over time.

structure back up files bad example 1
Figure: Bad example - The project is messy, without any meaningful or specific labels

structure back up files good example 1
Figure: Good example - Folders are clearly labeled, the root file also includes the date

A good file structure should also include storing finished projects separately from the working files. In a team environment, this system can also incorporate file ownership with different users.

structure back up files bad example 2
Figure: Bad example - A singular project folder, with some project, files also sitting outside it

structure back up files good example 2
Figure: Good example - There are dedicated folders for projects that are in progress and completed

File names are also very important - they are the principal identifier of a file. They need to include information about the content and context of the file.

Always use version numbers when saving – don’t use the word ‘final’. It is much easier to follow the progression of a project with numbers, both to find the latest version or to revert back to a previous one if needed.

structure back up files bad example 3
Figure: Bad example - Items are not named clearly and it is difficult to know what file is the correct export

structure back up files good example 3
Figure: Good example - Each file has an appropriate version number

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