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Rules to Better WhatsUp Gold

2 Rules

  1. Do you monitor failed login attempts?

    It is important to monitor failed login attempts to determine if you are being attacked from an external source or are having failed attempts from users within your organization. This can be achieved with Passive Whats Up Gold Monitor.

    failed login whatsup gold 1
    Figure: This Passive Monitor can then be applied to your Servers

    failed login whatsup gold 2
    Figure: Good example - This Passive Monitor will then record failed login attempts

    It is important to also ensure that you have "Audit logon events" Group Policy applied to servers for source information on the login.

    See: Do you use Group Policy to enable auditing of logon attempts?

  2. Do you monitor the uptimes of all your servers daily?

    It is important that the network administrator can easily find out how reliable his servers are. This can be achieved using tools like [What's Up Gold] ( to monitor the uptime and SQL Reporting Services to create a report showing server uptime.

    Here is a report that we use to monitor our servers on a daily basis:

    Figure: Good example - We can easily see the uptime of all our servers

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