Do you know why to use the Rich text editor over the Markdown editor?

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When creating a SharePoint Modern page, you can use many different webparts to enrich your content - Videos, Embedded PowerBI, and many more.

When you want to add plain text to a page, you have two choices: Text (or Rich Text) Webpart, or Markdown WebPart.

md vs text select
Figure: The two common types of Text WebParts - "Text" and "Markdown"

Whenever possible, you should use the Text WebPart as it offers a much nicer editing experience, but more importantly provides a detailed Version History.

version history nav
Figure: You can navigate to the page version history through "Page Details" | "Version History"

tick the highlight switch
Figure: Good example - Turn on Highlight changes on this page so you can see the detailed changes in an easy-to-read format

bad example md
Figure: Bad Example - Markdown WebPart - No detailed history, all I can tell is that something changed on that component

good example text
Figure: Good example – Rich Text WebPart - I can very easily tell what's been added/removed from the content

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